Players in League of Legends: ShowMaker like riding a roller ride.

Players in League of Legends: ShowMaker like riding a roller ride.

Players win and lose all the time in League of Legends. It’s like the soul of the game. It’s nothing new for Heo “ShowMaker” Su, who has been in the business for a long time. Let’s look at his ups and downs and how he gets back on track every time.

Players in League of Legends: How to Ride the Waves of Win and Loss

In 2018, ShowMaker’s first job was on Challengers Korea. With hard work and skill, he moved up the ranks and finally reached the top with DAMWON Gaming. He and his friends took over the world of League of Legends and won the coveted World Championship title in 2020.

But as any experienced gamer knows, bad things often happen after you win. Even though they won their first few events, DAMWON had heartbreaking losses in the ones that followed, including close ones at MSI and Worlds. ShowMaker and his team were really hurt by losing, and they were very upset.

Players in League of Legends: Finding Strength in Everyday Things

Even though his feelings are all over the place, ShowMaker sticks to his plan. His days are full of scrims, meals, and late-night rounds in the queue by himself. His routine is tough, but it keeps him sharp and motivated.

For ShowMaker, being lazy is a bad thing. He loves competing and is always pushing himself to get better. It doesn’t matter if he loses; he never gives up and always wants more.

How to Deal with Loss

You have to work hard to lose, even if you’re a seasoned pro like ShowMaker. He may need time to rest and recover after a loss because it was the worst thing that could have happened. But he knows that problems get better with time and that each setback makes him stronger and more motivated.

ShowMaker takes comfort in his past successes when he thinks about his journey. Winning Worlds in 2020 is still his proudest moment and a reminder of what he can do with hard work and commitment.

Perspective and Being Thankful

ShowMaker is still thankful for his journey through it all. To be a ShowMaker, you have to be more than just a great player. You have to inspire people and leave your mark on the world. He’s grateful for his fans’ support and knows how much of an effect he’s had on the gaming community.

ShowMaker is excited about the future as he thinks about it. Each win and loss is just another part of his story that pushes him towards his goal of being great.

The journey never ends in VTBET  League of Legends. But anything is possible if you are strong, determined, and have a little ShowMaker power in you.

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